3DV 2019

NeurIPS, 2018

CVPR, 2018

CVPR, 2017 (oral presentation)

CVPR, 2017

SIGGRAPH Asia, 2016

ECCV, 2016

CVPR, 2016



Above: courtesy of the Murthy (mouse), Leventhal (rat), and Axel (fly) labs.

My keypoint detection algorithm from the DeeperCut paper and its implementation served as the foundation for DeepLabCut, a toolbox for studying motor behavior of animals in the lab setting developed by neuroscientists at the Universities of Tübingen and Harvard. The toolbox gained significant popularity and is now used in hundreds of labs for a variety of tracking tasks. It is discussed in the corresponding Nature Neuroscience paper and was covered in the popular media such as The Harvard Gazette and The Atlantic.

Multi-person Body Pose Estimation demo at ECCV 2016

We gave a real-time demonstration of our Multi-person Body Pose Estimation algorithm at ECCV 2016.